Bad fantasies, neg 

hot take 

hot take 

hot take 

Crotch shot, panty bulge 

and of course my mood crashes as soon as i go to post that pic

webcam selfie with dick out 

Hi hello daily reminder that fat people are deserving and worthy of love and that fat does not equal unnatractive.

💕🌻 fuck you if you say otherwise🌻💕

Nude selfie, eye contact, colored lighting 


body: "i need an orgasm"
also body: "i'm going to make the base of your skull feel like someone is jamming a knife into it when you get close to orgasm"

Guess I may as well reboot this account now that I'm in PH's model payment program (yes I know they're a shitty company I do not need to be lectured about that).

You can find my free videos at and paid videos at (or stream them from PH Premium)

Dick pic, sex toy, broken condom 

lewd-adjacent safety 

lewd-adjacent safety, sighing 

photo of me humping a toy but all you can see is my ass and back 

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