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i still find it ironic how inaccessible a11y is as a shortening of "accessibility"

it took me so long to learn that's what it meant

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so if i designed a pirate ship
and it was copywritten
and then you built an identical pirated ship w/o my permission
and gave it to a band of pirates
you'd be giving pirates a pirated pirated ship

Did you know? There are standards on color contrast accessibility for background:foreground colors (e.g. on websites). If you look at/redesign your website, take the time to drop your background and text colors in this handy tool to see if your color choices are suitable:

Sonic the Hedgehog, a good gender-free source of queer hedgyness

TWITTER HEADS UP: If you're still on Twitter, be aware that third-party apps will BREAK on June 19 because of changes Twitter is making to the API, and there's nothing app developers can do about it.

microsoft open sourced the file manager from windows 3.1 and ported it up to modern windows

A Landslide of Classic Art Is About to Enter the Public Domain

(In the US)

About freaking time, even if it’s just going to be a year at a time. Still!

i did the whole "aspect" thing on my accounts now, and I was tempted to name this one the ass-pect

Today I listened to the album "I Only Listen to the Mountain Goats: All Hail West Texas".

After hearing all the covers already from the IOLTTMG podcast, it was nice to go back and listen to all of them in one sitting in the album format. Now I need to do the same with the original "All Hail West Texas" and listen to more Mountain Goats since this podcast was my first taste of their work (besides the one time one of their songs was used as the Night Vale weather which I don't even actually remember but went ahead and checked the WTNV wiki to see if it had been done)

:yoshi_eat:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_end: 🌟

@nightpool also, EVERYTHING YOU EVER POST: visible to anyone with admin access, as with literally any online service, so if you need something to be truly private take it somewhere else


Stuff in your BIO or PUBLIC: visible to anyone that has your url! e.g.

Stuff marked PRIVATE: only visible to the people that follow you

LOCKED account: people can't follow you without your permission

DIRECT MESSAGES: only visible to the people you send them to (e.g. anyone @mentioned)

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I know that I shouldn't be concerning myself with ~engagement~, but I've gotten no non-spam comments on my blog

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