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On one hand, I want to watch the films referenced in Homestuck before my next reread.
On the other hand, that would mean suffering through the original Ghostbusters when the one time I tried watching it I made it like two thirds of the way through before I had to stop watching that unfunny mess.

can't get through the first episode of good omens because miscommunication plots give me secondhand embarrassment and hella anxiety :|

rant about foss nerds and the software industry 

ditch your deadname and get a bedname (not sure what that is yet, still working this out)

"why are the words someone uses so important," the man says using words, on the federated social network where almost every single interaction uses words, prompted by other people and the words they used

new Shades of Brown episode!

This week @chosafine and I talk about small computers, cancelled computers, and then rant about poorly designed computers.

Episode 98: Mine Bitcoin With Solar Energy

from birdsite:

“2600 Magazine has compiled a full listing of CBP concentration camps.

“And anyone who thinks this ISN'T 2600's mission—and if anything a RETURN to its original principles—has no idea what they're talking about.

“2600 was anonymous before anonymous was anon

like, if you think people should scour Ebay if they wanna play old console games, please just kindly fuck off

we need a law that says it's illegal to prosecute someone for pirating things that are no longer sold

(also we should just make DRM illegal and have a general copyright reform, but whatever)

fedi meta, subtoot 

"sorry, your browsing pattern doesn't look convincing, pay 5 learning data to continue"

only 90s kids remember when recaptcha was helping project gutenberg transcribe old books instead of feeding the google machine learning beast so they can make cars

Things I wish people would tell me:

It's okay to be queer and not be some counter-cultural revolutionary. It doesn't invalidate you or make you any less of who you are, and it doesn't mean you don't belong. It's okay to just be who you are - and if that means just living your life and trying to find peace, that's perfectly acceptable.

Random oh-god-thirty in the morning thought: Homestuck/Night Vale crossover

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Jay, Conduit of Queerness, Mage of Life's choices:

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