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merry pride month friends

if you're not standing up for or amplifying the voices of queer folks who aren't white and neurotypical then you can get the fuck out of my house

in this house we only punch upwards

mh neg 

can't wait for Kojima's next game and its one woman character, Tits

uspol, an actual fucking nazi running for US house from new york 

tired startup: "we're disrupting $industry"

wired startup: "we're ripping the white supremacy out of $industry bit by bit"

selfie, eye contact, kinda see thru shirt, boosts/thirst/flirts welcome 

Before you opine on someone else's mental health, and especially before you claim that their beliefs and their behaviors reveal Issues They Need To Deal With, ask yourself:

1) Am I a mental health professional, with the training and expertise that carries?
2) Has this person explicitly requested that I offer my opinion?
3) Have I actually studied this person thoroughly enough to make an informed opinion?

If the answer to *even one* of those is "no", then Don't Do It!

they are your neighbors. your nurses. your firefighters. your programmers. they designed the computers you use and the systems that hold the internet together. they are your children.

if you're a cis USian, give a thought, a word, or a dollar this coming memorial day to all of the people your government is trying to kill for not being the right kind of gender.

uspol, trans, healthcare, very - 

There are literally thousands of games coming out every day. Your life will be okay if you don't buy cyberpunk. 1000x if you're a white cishet guy.

Like, if the person profiting off the game is a GGer, or the team was forced to crunch for 18 months, or the company is trying to bust unions or silence sexual harassment claims... Disqualify the game. You shouldn't be arriving at the part of the conversation where you talk about the quality.

The whole "Yes the working conditions on this game were horrendous, but it's tough because the game itself is really good" thing is like saying "Well blood diamonds are still just as pretty as other diamonds"

The gender of the night is: blobcatsnuggle

Incoming cuteness overload in 3...2...1...Squeak!

Artwork by KitsuneKit! <3

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