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And first character done! I meant to keep these (somewhat) low effort, but then I found myself actually doing renders so I guess that's what the lineup will be now.


lewd d/s implication, advertisements, 

re: Media criticism terminology hot take 

Media criticism terminology hot take 

"Hey I wonder if there's been any progress on that git forge activitypub thing"
last commit to forgefed/forgefed is from 31 July 2018, last message to the mailing list is 26 August 2018

Damn it. Unexpected expenses this week mean my account balance is making death saving throws, and Patreon &c. don't pay out until next week. If you could help out, I'd really appreciate it.

From a podcast promo at the end of today's Today Explained: "The latest episode is on tech addiction so if you're finding yourself at like one in the morning binging Instagram stories and feeling more alone than ever, take a listen: Pivot, from the Vox Media podcast network"

More for the "ephemeral 'Stories' are a way to compel you to keep engaging with the app" pile. Guess I'll be checking this pod out.

MCDM campaign spoilers 

Forgot how fun Halo Reach's Firefight is. Spent about an hour going through a set while listening to tonight's CritRole

Guess who fell back asleep instead of getting up like they should have 🙃

@noelle This is well stated and a key point to understand for developers whose first instinct is usually to look to innovate or do things "better".

That's a great trait and something we should celebrate.

But as you said, accessibility isn't about innovation, usually. It's about implementing easy-use features. If you're going to "innovate" on accessibility (and I hope more devs will!) it needs to include active development/feedback from the users that will need the accessibility feature.

An #underlining data point: part of accessibility is consistency. You might not like how underlined links work, but underlining has been the default link indicator in web browsers for 25 years, and people understand that underlined text on a web page means a link.

No, "we've always done it that way" is not generally a good reason to keep doing something - but when you're talking about accessibility and comprehensibility, "because I want to" isn't a good reason to change something either.

Riolu the Emanation Pokémon 🐶✨ (aka blue doggo) - Winsor & Newton Brushmarker on cardstock paper.

#pokémon #art #fanart #artistsonmastodon #LGBTartist

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I haven't nailed down a backstory yet since even if I use this dude it won't be for like a month, but I'm poking at options. I don't usually color lineart like this because it takes forever and I just can't decide if I like it. :Ta

#tiefling #dndcharacter #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #mastoart #creativetoots

Open the door
Get on the floor
Everybody buy clothes at soup store

Open the door
Get on the floor
Everybody door hand hook car door

Devaluing pedophilia thru fandom 1/2 

Devaluing pedophilia thru fandom 1/2 

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