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What do you call a werewolf youtuber? 

"Do your part" energy conservation plans, like turning lights off when you leave the room, are great for your energy bill, but their job as part of "lowering carbon footprints" is to deflect from the big corporations that actually use the vast majority of the power.

For example, the average US stand-alone home uses ~11,000 kWh per year.

The VERY MOST EFFICIENT roadside LED billboard uses ~61,000 kWh per year. That number rises to ~323,000 kWh at the top end.

Instance Block Recommendation: (Transphobia/Aphobia) 

The phrase "how bout i do anyway" is very powerful

selfie, eye contact, boosts welcome 

hey folks, can we get some attention on this Mastodon accessibility issue?

[Accessibility] Hovertext for image descriptions is insufficient #8237

As it stands now, captioned/described images in Mastodon are useless on devices that can't trigger "on-hover" like a smartphone with a touch screen.


i'm awake and i still think a comic that looks like this would be hella cool

Picked my reread of Homestuck back up, just got through [S] John: Take bite of apple and the EOA1

Folks please consider CWing your joke meta posts as such.

Tricking people with CWs makes me feel uncomfortable as their function is to content warn.

Especially if it’s about certain bodily functions.

Some people have strong aversions to running into talk about that topic unwarned for.

birdsite screenshot, kink talk 

fedi has always had a strong far left presence, the difference between the old and new guard is mostly cultural with the new lot coming in a specific wave and having an attitude, approach, and specific flavour of politics that the old guard often rolls their eyes at

I wanna bring back the term webmaster because now that I have a server running I can call myself webmistress and I'm all about that

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