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I mean the gameplay is obviously not what they actually meant because it's actually from a cartridge storage and care section but still

From the Super Mario Bros. manual: "This is a high precision game"
With how optimized the speedruns are? Yeah, definitely

But I cannot run, and I can't hide
From the mess I've made of my room, from the mess inside

Mountain Goats lyrics aside holy shit I am bad at keeping my room clean

No matter whether I'm using my masculine, feminine, or neutral names, I'm still JWL~

Being an adult virgin shouldn't be thought of negatively, mocked, or inferiorized. Engagement in sexual activity shouldn't be used as a tool to think of oneself as superior to those who don't have sex.

A(gender): An Anthology is out now. It's a full journal issue of personal essays, poetry, and abstract writings by agender-identified writers discussing the issue/topic of gender in their lives. You can view the full issue here:

Can't read my
Can't read my
No you can't read my
Poker face
(Come on Barbie
Let's go party)

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Trans girls who don't wear chokers are still valid.

Trans girls who don't wear thigh highs are still valid.

Trans girls who don't know how to code are still valid.

Stereotypical in-jokes about the community might seem harmless, but it makes others feel left out.

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