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The Texas Tribune doesn't play nice with read-it-later apps. Pocket only pulls a summary while Wallabag seems to *usually* grab the entire article but sometimes can't even extract the title correctly, much less the actual content.

Florida, Nazis, gangbusted, holy *fuckballs* 

JK Rowling is basically the definitive image of the profiteering whyt woman who latches on to progressive causes while believing in and holding onto horrific aspects of white supremacy and to a greater extent, the cis Hetererero patriarchy.

Folks, please #boost, this is a #California #wildfire #crisis: we need #N95 masks in #Oakland / #EastBay. Nearly everyone I know needs one, and everywhere is selling out.

Send me masks, and I will get them to people. I will literally walk down the street handing them out, because that's our life right now. Please help us breathe!


Ordered a cheap One Ring, and got the measurement wrong so it's a size too small. But I grabbed a spare necklace chain and now have a ring-bearer's necklace


Why work when I can snuggle forever? :thounking:

it's true. queer and trans people aren't safe in Salvation Army shelters. Give your money to someone who deserves it and skip the red pot people

No, Eurogamer, Nintendo didn’t sell a ROM downloaded from the internet.
In the wake of Nintendo's lawsuit against LoveROMs and LoveRetro and the subsequent closing of ROM downloads from EmuParadise, I saw an article from Eurogamer from early 2017 crop back up. A part of the site's "Here's a Thing" video series by Chris Bratt, the article's headline poses the question "Did Nintendo do[...]

User interfaces like this that try to be all "relatable" in a cutesy, cultivated-marketing-identity manner really rub me the wrong way. I've taught ESL and I've studied other languages and this is really frickin' obnoxious for folks who aren't native speakers. Cut it out, tech companies.

#UI #UX #design

Hello Federation.

We are happy to announce that we are finished basic federation support and will be merging it along with several new features this week.

It may take a few more weeks to iron out all the bugs, but we are confident from the tests we have done that it is ready for production use!

For the latest updates, star or watch the GitHub repo, #pixelfed

are you a robot or otherwise synthetic intelligence? do you love your friends? do you want a single emoji to express both of those things simultaneously?

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