17 Months. That's how many months are left in Mozilla's contract with Google with regards to funding. They're using that time to build out a whole suite of services to allow people to vote with their dollars AWAY from Google and its murder of the Web and soverengity on it.

17 Months.

sex ed 

*stop and shop register voice* please follow instructions on the paw pad

your lucario’s battery is very low. please plug your lucario into a cheeseburger

bad idea for a speedrun category:

text%, where you have to get the game to display every possible textbox it can before completing it

Anyone unsure about Cadence of Hyrule but are intrigued:

Apparently there is a "Fixed Beat Mode" in the options that changes it so that the enemies will only move when you do! That takes part of the stress away if you aren't a fan of the rhythm component or find it's to difficult!!

Reminds me a lot of the assist mode in Celeste. It seems like you can turn it on and off too which is sweet if you're especially stuck on certain areas


something ive learned over the last few years and by listening to more black people is that most of the shittiness they experience isn't from loudly shitty racist caricatures shouting slurs at them, it's from white people who refuse to give them support, who enable racism, and who refuse to listen

crows are goblins, yea or nay?

in favor:
- small
- clever
- thieves
- noisy
- i love them


<Vyr> i'm here!
<Vyr> i'm queer!
** Vyr quit (connection reset by peer)

drugs, subtoot 

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