I still haven't played Deltarune, but its timeline is obviously the result of a Scratch. Now which universe is pre-scratch and which is post-scratch…

gdpr data export is better than your UX 

re: NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

re: NSFW, sex acts in a painting 

re: NSFW, sex acts in a painting 


@staticsafe and @chosafine talk some more about Destiny 2, discuss the latest Wired piece on the PlayStation 5 and then go deep into the latest macOS release.

Shades Of Brown Episode 106: Better Than Electron


People's labels are descriptive, not prescriptive

Important Update to the Telegram News thing 

native-land.ca/ Come on everyone, let's learn where we live (and maybe places we frequent)

Please give the Internet Archive your money, if you have money to give us, btw

The IA just added a whole bunch of MS-DOS games, most of which are like, probably very bad, but you know, maybe the bad game will give you some nice nostalgia feelings archive.org/details/softwareli

Hi all! Happy indigenous peoples day. In the spirit of reparations, consider donating to the native focused domestic violence shelter I work at!

Important Telegram News - Back up your chats 

Also, while its great that so many cities and states are in favor of giving up Columbus Day for Indigenous Peoples' Day, don't for a second forget that this is as much a placating gesture as anything else.

Politicians would rather rename a holiday than be taken to task regarding reparations towards the indigenous people, offering aid to those still living on reservations, or committing more action towards the staggering numbers of missing and murdered indigenous women. Don't let them skate by.

it's strange how white supremacists don't see Latinx people as people, but they love Columbus, a Spaniard whose language has colonised literally half of the Americas, which is the mother tongue of Latinx people.

whiteness makes no fucking sense at all.

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I know the vegan discourse was days ago but I think about it every time the topic comes up. I think about how the entire movement is rife with racism and classism and something needs to be done about that for it to reasonably become the status quo.

At the very least they need to stop pointing fingers at POC who aren't the primary contributers to the problem, vs the large corporations who are.

Imagine telling fishing villages in inhospitable-to-whites areas that they are horrible and should reevaluate their existence because their culture is sustained by and also reveres the wildlife they sustainably hunt.

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