:blobheartcat: what if we kissed :cat_heart_eyes_trans:

:eyyy: in the one place that hasn't been corrupted by capitalism :so_gay:

:thinknya: SPACE :transdab:

this isn't an over-exaggeration, by the way

it literally took 600 years

it only took 600 fucking years but the Ainu are finally being recognized as indigenous people in Japan.


what's the best place to get YIIK?

from a well, actually

no, really, it's best played on a computer that's been dropped in a well and is thus unusable

"Can I tell if magic will work on it?"
"I'll let you make a roll for it."
"Natural 20."
"You might be able to infer some things, yeah."

From DraconickGaming on Twitter:

#DnD is a roleplaying game that let's you live out such fantasies as:
- Having money
- Making close friends as an adult
- Traveling the world without crippling debt
- Being able to change the world
- Getting better at something with practice
- Getting 8 hours of sleep each night


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Warmup piece for a friend who has a penchant for oversized neckwear

Have you heard of Infocom? They made very popular text adventure games back in the early 80s. (A lot of you probably have no idea what that is.)

Anyway, their games have some pretty amazing-sounding bugs. microheaven.com/InfocomBugs/in

It'd be neat if ever someone animated some of these.

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trans is beautiful
queer is beautiful
you are beautiful

*sparkle sparkle gleam~*
*shimmer, glimmer~*

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