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jay @sixthhokage95@jubi.life

Hacky home "studio" setup: portable vocal booth on top of a slightly gutted old PC tower so that I can keep using my boom stand for the mic, since it won't fit on my actual desk.

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I register an account with Alexa Internet once to check on the estimated monthly visitors of a site and now this is the inbox of the address I used for it

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Got Undertale in my package manager :D

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Glad I have the XCF files for my queer chevron wallpapers still, very useful for throwing back in GIMP to modify for other purposes. Like this square version I'm now using as favicons for my personal sites

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deviantart doesn't own what you post. tumblr doesn't own what you post. twitter doesn't own what you post. discord doesn't own what you post. slack doesn't own what you post. when you see claims that they do, *carefully* read in the terms of service where they actually mention rights to your content, chances are they are going to read very closely to this screenshot: jubi.life/media/36wWXchk8lwRYv

adding only the most important information to my masto profile