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"The bi flag is a 5 stripe flag masquerading as a 3 stripe flag"

no? just because most queer vexillology limits itself to various color schemes of equally sized horizontal stripes doesn't mean all queer vexillology has to fit those constraints.
And the 2:1:2 ratio is a reference to the overlapping design of the older biangles symbol.

Okay so I just said "best when it's minimal on the skits", but this is legitimately the funniest fucking scene I think I've seen in her videos so far XD

I never turned off this smart forecast for photography in Weather Underground and…
Yeah, that's totally helpful, app 🙄

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Critical Role: The Search for Grog 

I need to make sure I get up early for a noon to 8 shift 🙃 (for comparison, my usual alarm is 11 and I have a bad habit of going back to sleep for another hour or two, with my usual shift at work being 3 - 11 as the produce closer)

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