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Finn no quit lying you're only going to make shit worse for yourself

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I need to make sure I get up early for a noon to 8 shift 馃檭 (for comparison, my usual alarm is 11 and I have a bad habit of going back to sleep for another hour or two, with my usual shift at work being 3 - 11 as the produce closer)

Very badly sewed up a crotch hole in my jeans. Hopefully it's at least functional for a few days until I can ask my mom for help. I'm down to two pairs that fit at all anymore, and the other pair has an even worse collection of holes

Got a sticker design ready for the packaging for my brother's present

About to go to bed but got a blog post idea. So made a draft with just the working title.

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lmao my having a ridiculous amount of trouble in super mario bros world 2 and utilizing save states heavily netted me a cheevo i should not have gotten. i guess i kept reloading before the game registered deaths (as well as reloading if I so much as lost a powerup) so the condition monitoring saw those coins as being collected with no deaths.

Piece of shit french door, I don't stream as much as I like because that damn opening lets too much sound out. Also the dog likes to walk through my room when I try to go to sleep and I can't keep him out

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