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If someone has a History Of Being Shitty, just because they are notionally "one of my people" doesn't mean I have to welcome them or accept people in my communities welcoming them. And I'm not tagging this with meta because this goes beyond recent events on this network, it's something that I see all the time and I will not fucking stand for it.

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So after everything that's happened over the last week, here's a boundary that I shouldn't *have* to make explicit that I'll be pinning to my profile now because of abusive figures with clout in this network:

If you think that someone's marginalization excuses them from criticism, especially if they are acting in a way that marginalizes others, stay far the fuck away from me.



-- if you DO shop at Amazon during the 15th and 16th, consider not choosing that option.

Also, whoops, that citation in D) should go to the Lifehacker article, not the Verge article.

Okay, updates.

A) None of the striking workers appear to have called on consumers to boycott Amazon during the strike.* So proceed in the way you believe best supports the striking workers.

B) sunglasses

C) The strike, currently, involves workers nationwide in Germany** and in Shakopee, MN, USA***. Other US Amazon workers do not appear to be striking.

D) The US strike is focused on free one-day shipping*, so--


I can't remember who pointed this out, but refusing to do business with #Amazon during the workers' strike actually kind of undercuts the workers' position. They timed the strike for the busiest days of the summer on purpose; they *want* Amazon to see that fulfillment is more difficult without them there. (And if you're just delaying your purchases until Weds., instead of buying from another vendor, you're making the workers' lives *harder* when the strike ends and they have to ship your stuff!)

on accusations dismissed as kiwifarms campaigns 

on accusations dismissed as kiwifarms campaigns 

on accusations dismissed as kiwifarms campaigns 

The fact that you're nonbinary should be acknowledged, celebrated, embraced, and remembered to the same degree as the rest of you.

 Don't let anyone try to convince you differently.

#nonbinarypride #nonbinary #lgbtq #nonbinarypositivity

discourse on mobile is fucking unusable garbage i fucking hate this piece of shit excuse for a forum software so fucking much

List of gab instances 

Super Mario 64 has been decompiled, in its entirety, basically by hand (writing code until it compiles into the right binary)

just ordered a bunny hat with ears that move because i saw someone with one in the crowd of on the sgdq tas block vods and i must get in on that adorableness

Imagine not being a CEO and being against collective bargaining like baby who hurt you

"i just have no filter haha" says the asshole, saying something he's belived for years but doesn't want to defend

If thine heart is set to join the Router Tree:
`iface eth0 inet dhcp`
Release thy hold upon thine local name
Become dynamic, never called the same
Where TCP and UDP abound
A chorus chants, but all without a sound
Tread carefully on this chaotic shore
For thou shalt return, forevermore.

US AS A KID: what the fuck, why is /etc/network/interfaces syntax like this?!

Within thine file, as well you know
`allow-hotplug` upon `eth0`
Listen now for words dogmatic,
`iface eth0 inet static`
Give an indent, for good fortune:
At last, invoke the final throw:
With this, the contract shall be sealed
And to your host, the net revealed.

Current coffee of choice is Private Selection Sumatran Mandheling. Nice medium-dark roast with a strong flavor without being overly bitter. And with it being from one of Kroger's store brands I get an employee discount.

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