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If someone has a History Of Being Shitty, just because they are notionally "one of my people" doesn't mean I have to welcome them or accept people in my communities welcoming them. And I'm not tagging this with meta because this goes beyond recent events on this network, it's something that I see all the time and I will not fucking stand for it.

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So after everything that's happened over the last week, here's a boundary that I shouldn't *have* to make explicit that I'll be pinning to my profile now because of abusive figures with clout in this network:

If you think that someone's marginalization excuses them from criticism, especially if they are acting in a way that marginalizes others, stay far the fuck away from me.

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Crosspost from Twitter bc ive seen this shit un-CWed here too:

oh god fucking dammit people this shit again

loss.jpg is a fucking comic about a miscarriage. it is a blatant fucking trigger for a whole hell of a lot of people and the meme of mocking this shitty comic is shitty for people's mental health

are you a robot or otherwise synthetic intelligence? do you love your friends? do you want a single emoji to express both of those things simultaneously?

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I still need some help getting supplies and some food. $150 should be enough for everything

anything and everything is appreciated~$melaninpony

emoji vs. smileys vs. emoticons (227 words, my own idiosyncratic use of vocabulary phrased in an unnecessarily prescriptive manner) Show more

just went from 8 pages of unread links on wallabag to only 4 entries. things fit to read on my ereader have been punted to pocket to sync, the rest either archived if i wanted to keep the link or for most of them (including several no longer existing toots) just deleted them. woo organizing

lmao my having a ridiculous amount of trouble in super mario bros world 2 and utilizing save states heavily netted me a cheevo i should not have gotten. i guess i kept reloading before the game registered deaths (as well as reloading if I so much as lost a powerup) so the condition monitoring saw those coins as being collected with no deaths.

i just launched chrome for the first time in months and holy hell it is ugly

Was going to go for a photo walk when I got home from the polls today but I'm going to wait for tomorrow because by the time I got out of the shower (needed to shave because itchy leg stubble + jeans is not a good combo) it's darkened enough that I don't think I'm going to get any good shots with my SX-70. Also jeans are still itchy and the rest of my clothes are still in the wash so I can have comfier clothes tomorrow.

#Games #Unionize #labour

Game developers NEED to unionize. We don’t have to wait for homophobic Halo players to pause their slur laden power fantasies and support us. We create the aesthetic, model the characters & environments, write the narratives, & program the tools. We have a right to healthcare, maternity/paternity leave, middle class wages tied to inflation, time off for friends/family/personal betterment, & the right to a safe work environment devoid of racial & sexual harassment.

dave strider did not go through his journey of learning to be honest with himself in order for homestuck to be some “cringe” media that you have to “enjoy ironically”.

when you know your titties are fantastic it's sometimes hard to wear a shirt

Well because the latest meme seems to be posting a million variations on someone's name such that it cannot be effectively filtered, I'm going to stay off masto for at least the rest of the day

Piece of shit french door, I don't stream as much as I like because that damn opening lets too much sound out. Also the dog likes to walk through my room when I try to go to sleep and I can't keep him out

Just ordered what's meant to be a cabinet latch for childproofing to try and have a lock on my door because the fucking ball catch on top keeps breaking.

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