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so thanks to @hierarchon

a.status-link:not(.mention) {
text-decoration: underline;

underlines links in posts that are not user mentions or hashtags

so I added

a:link {
text-decoration: underline;

to "Custom CSS" in Mastodon's site settings in the admin section but a:link is too general of a selector, it underlines things like profile names which seems unnecessary

what would be a selector for links that are in a post only?


Jubilife is updated to glitch-soc Mastodon 2.7.0

LB: gameliberty and gasthe are both going on our blocklist now

Ten Forward moderation announcement πŸ“’ is now suspended from this instance on account of being a instance created by the owner of (already suspended before this) and uhh look at the URL.

Reference links

Wed Jan 9 19:56:25 UTC 2019


fediverse admin 

Our server recently upgraded to a higher tier VPS, and ElasticSearch is set back up. Jubilife users can now use full-text search for "toots you've written, boosted, favourited or were mentioned in".

Due to memory constraints making elasticsearch crash repeatedly, full-text search has been disabled.

Lots of custom emotes 

Jubilife will be going down in a few minutes to update

Welcome to Jubilife! We're an instance running the glitchsoc fork of Mastodon. The additional features are documented here:

Our rules are at and our domain blocks are listed at:

If you need any help, ask @sixthhokage95

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