When mass-importing the Mutant Standard emote set earlier this month, a mistake was made that unfortunately required a purge of custom emotes. In the process of restoring the emotes the shortcodes for the pride heart set were changed to a more accessible format (demonstrated in a CWed reply to this thread so as to not be a nuisance for screenreaders).


We have now also changed the lesbian pride heart from the all-pink design derived from Natalie McCray's lipstick lesbian flag. We now have two lesbian pride hearts, from Lydia's Sappho-inspired flag and Maya Kern's revision. These flags, the rationale for their creation, and the reasons to stop using McCray's lipstick lesbian design and derivatives can be found in Lydia's Medium post "A Lesbian Flag For Everyone": medium.com/@lydiandragon/a-les


We are not including the pink & orange flag designs that are gaining popularity (sadlesbeandisaster's 7-stripe flag and taqwomen's 5-stripe flag) as they are mashups of McCray's lipstick design with Butch Positivity's (@butchspace@tumblr.com) butch lesbian flag. As they are still clearly derivative of McCray's work they still carry the baggage of the bigotry that people are trying to avoid by abandoning her design in the first place.



Pride heart custom emote set demo 

An addendum to the pride heart thread:

The pride heart emote we had for a "gay man" design was also removed due to its designer (not publicly naming because their blog header indicates they are a minor) also being a bigot, proudly proclaiming himself an ace exclusionist on his Tumblr blog.

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